North Passage - Standard Edition

North Passage - Standard Edition

61 minutes - HD

North Passage directed by Kevin Pontuti

A fragmented suburban family flees a cultural meltdown, seeking refuge on their survivalist grandfather's farm. Part northwoods fairy tale, part psychological thriller, North Passage explores a young girl's psyche as she seeks peace and redemption while facing a startlingly close past.

Kevin Pontuti - Director
Charis Collins - Screenplay
Mimi French - Producer
Ed Jakober - DP

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North Passage - Standard Edition

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  • North Passage

    An unusual twist on the post-apocalyptic genre, NORTH PASSAGE mixes dramatic narrative with a poetic northwoods fairy tale, examining themes of loss and redemption within the psyche of Frea, a teenaged girl struggling to come to terms with life after civilization.

    Having abandoned the city aft...